Understanding the Bible to be God’s inspired Word, we believe that Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world, making salvation available to everyone.

As Baptists, we practice believer’s baptism. As Free Will Baptists, we believe that through the gracious power of the Holy Spirit people can trust Jesus and thereby receive forgiveness of sins. For further information on our beliefs, see our catechism and the Treatise of the National Association of Free Will Baptists.

The mission of Cross Timbers Free Will Baptist Church is to point people to Jesus Christ as the focus of their lives.



We envision a church where we:
        –Celebrate God through dynamic corporate worship.
  • We will respond to the culture in which we live, yet remain true to biblical principles.
  • We will expand our use of music, drama, technology, and other methodology in a variety of ways that will proclaim His immeasurable worth and enhance our celebration of Him.
  • We will live in submission to biblical preaching, teaching, and godly servant-leaders.
  • We will communicate with God through focused prayer.
  • All this we will do in an effort to become a church that is known for its desire to celebrate His presence and power with excellence.
We envision a church where we:
      –Communicate the gospel clearly, consistently, and effectively.
  • All of our programming, planning, and staffing will reflect our commitment to obey the Great Commission.
  • Through an ongoing process of self-examination we will seek to balance the use of our resources to this end.
  • We will lift up Christ through every available means including evangelistic preaching, teaching, and personal testimonies.
  • We will change the form of our ministry when it will help us more effectively to penetrate the culture of our homes, our neighborhoods, and the world with the gospel; but we will remain firmly anchored to our core values.
  • As we set priorities that result in growth, we will plan to expand in all areas to accommodate that growth, structuring our ministry to provide for spiritual development and multiplication.

We envision a church where we:
      –Create community as we grow.
  • As we celebrate God and communicate the gospel, we anticipate spiritual and numerical growth. We will work to establish and maintain ministry that targets groups with similar experiences and needs.
  • We will create a climate in which authentic, caring relationships will flourish.
  • We will foster a strong sense of community that will spill over into the world outside the walls of our church.
  • We will model wholeness of life as members of a growing community of faith and practice.