CTY Update 2/23/16

Good afternoon,

I pray that the God of Heaven would give us wisdom to live according to his ways. I pray that He would give us a passion for the truth of His Word. I pray that He would give us courage to take obedient action. I pray that the Holy Spirit would compel the families of Cross Timbers to make Jesus Christ the center of all things.

The teens from Cofer’s chapel will be joining of Wednesday Night for Worship through music and Bible Study. We will look at the story of the Rich Young Ruler who walked away from Jesus sad. It’s a startling story that tells us a great deal about who Jesus is and who even the best of us are. Jesus is the one who has the authority to demand everything of us. We, even the most morally and materially wealthy, must come to him with empty hands.

The sign up for Mission Nashville was this Sunday. I have most of the forms but I still need a few. Please have them bring those on Wednesday if they want to go.

On Thursday of last week, I spent the day with the leaders of CSM (Center for Student Missions) Nashville. They took me to some of the potential service sites, such as: Loves and Fishes homeless kitchen, Project Cure, and Capitol Hill. Our teens will be staying at a church (with dorm rooms) during the entire week. They will be eating lunch at a work site and dinner at a local ethnic restaurant. They will be involved in hands on service that impacts our community and the world. They will also get a chance to meet people that are very much unlike them. I am really excited about this opportunity.

On Saturday March 12th at 7:00pm. We will be going with the teens from Cofer’s Chapel to Above All. It’s a place with trampolines and it should be fun. Parents will need to fill out a responsibility waiver online for your kids to go.

Find it here: https://aboveall.pfestore.com/waiver/

It will be $20 a student.

3/04/16 – Community Game Night at CT

3/12/16 – Above All – 7:00pm

3/20/16 – Money is due for the Parent-Teen retreat

3/26/16 – Easter Egg Hunt (Help needed at 9:00am)

4/8-10/16 – Parent/Teen Retreat at Cumberland Camp

7/24-29/16 – Mission Nashville

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