CTY update -3/1/16

By the end of Matthew’s gospel, we find that Roman soldiers, Jewish commoners, Roman Governors, and Jewish leaders all responding to Jesus the same way—“Crucify him!” It’s perhaps the most telling moment in all of human history, the time we all got together and put to death God incarnate. Tomorrow we look at the Cross. What it meant for the Romans. What it meant for the Jews. And what it means for us in light of Jesus and his resurrection.


Matthew 27:11-44

John 19:12-16

Colossians 2:13-15

Questions for discussion:

What DID the Cross mean before Jesus?

What DOES it mean now?


Adults and teens alike are invited to come to community game night this Friday March 4th. This is a great opportunity to invite friends and build relationships with people who don’t normally come to church events.

On Saturday March 12th at 7:00pm. We will be going with the teens from Cofer’s Chapel to Above All. It’s a place with trampolines and it should be fun. Parents will need to fill out a responsibility waiver online for your kids to go.

Find it here: https://aboveall.pfestore.com/waiver/

It will be $20 a student.

Remember that I will need the teens to help set up the eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt. We will meet at CT at 9:00am on Saturday, Mach 26th.

Upcoming Events:

3/04/16 – Community Game Night at CT

3/12/16 – Above All – 7:00pm

3/20/16 – Money ($150) is due for the Parent-Teen retreat

3/26/16 – Easter Egg Hunt (Help needed at 9:00am)

4/8-10/16 – Parent/Teen Retreat at Cumberland Camp

7/24-29/16 – Mission Nashville

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