CTY Update 3/22/16

Good morning,

God bless you during this holy week as you and your families think about the significance of the Cross and the Empty Tomb. Let me encourage you to take time to ask your teens why Jesus’ resurrection is so important for Christians.

I also encourage you and your family to come out to the Good Friday Service. Its always an important time to contemplate the Cross.

This Wednesday the teens will be helping advertise for the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. We will use our Wednesday Night Bible Study time to pass out flyers.

Also, let me remind you that we will be helping set up for the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. Since it starts at 10:00, we will need to be there at 9:00.

In other news, Isaac saw Star Wars: Episode I for the first time yesterday. He thought Jar-Jar was funny. I’m disappointed.

If you haven’t let me know about the Parent-teen retreat, or haven’t paid, do so as soon as possible.

Finally, we are going to do a Spaghetti Lunch on April 17th to raise money for our summer mission trip. Every family will need to provide food items. I’ll get you more information shortly.

3/26/16 – Easter Egg Hunt (Help needed at 9:00am)

4/01/16 – OHF at Emilee and Graham Hart’s

4/8-10/16 – Parent/Teen Retreat at Cumberland Camp

4/17/16 – Spaghetti Lunch at CT

7/24-29/16 – Mission Nashville

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