CTY Update February 16, 2016

Good afternoon,

Here are a few updates and reminders:

First, I am thinking about going to Soar Adventures with the teens on Saturday March 12th. We will invite the teens from Cofer’s. It will cost $35 a person. We will talk about it tomorrow, but I wanted to let you know first because of the cost involved.

Second, the teens will be helping hid eggs for the Easter Egg hunt March 26th at 9:00am.

Remind your teen to sign up for Mission Nashville by Sunday, March 21st.

Please come talk to me or email me about your intentions to attend the Parent-Teen retreat. The money is not due until March 20th, but I would like to talk to you if you are thinking about not going.

Tomorrow night we are continuing to study Responses to Jesus in the book of Matthew by contrasting the suborn pride of the Pharisees and Sadducees with Peter’s humble (yet bold) declaration that Jesus is “The Christ, the Son of the Living God!” My prayer is that your teen will know what these terms actually mean so that they can understand the difference it makes in their life when Jesus recognized as “The Christ.”

Questions for your teen:

What is a difference between the Pharisees and Sadducees?

What dose the word “Christ” mean?

What does it mean that Jesus is the Son of God?

CTY Events:

2/21/16 – Sign up for Mission Nashville

3/04/16 – Community Game Night

3/12/16 – Soar Adventures

3/20/16 – Money is due for the Parent-Teen retreat

3/26/16 – Easter Egg Hunt – 9:00am

4/8-10/16 – Parent/Teen Retreat at Cumberland Camp

7/24-29/16 – Mission Nashville

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