Acts 2 Groups

 On the second Sunday night of every month (excluding December) we meet in the homes of people in our church community. Since our members are spread out across the Greater Nashville area, we probably have an options close to you. On these nights we follow the pattern established by early Christians in Acts 2:42:

 “They devoted themselves to…*

… the apostles’ teaching…

  • The group will take part in a brief devotion, which the host or another member of the group would lead. The leader may prepare on his/her own or use a suggested topic provided by the pastor.

… and to the fellowship…

  • The primary objectives are to encourage fellowship, to foster stronger relationships and to build community within the body.

… to the breaking of bread…

  • Food always helps with the above, but we’re not talking about gourmet feasts. Simple desserts, snacks, coffee, etc. would be preferable. The host will coordinate among the group to provide for this.

… and to prayer.”

  • A time of focused prayer would be an integral part the meeting. This would provide an opportunity to share needs specific to those families, as well as to pray for hurting friends and family.